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Marketing In China? Forget Offline, Digital Marketing Is King

Marketing In China? Forget Offline, Digital Marketing Is King

2018 is predicted to be a year of innovation and growth on the digital marketing front in China, so now it is the time to get ahead and start planning out your year. While there are a mirad effective of tools and channels available to reach the Chinese market, we have rounded up the trending issues for you. To stay ahead of the pack consider these trending issues as a part of your digital marketing strategy this year for China and you will be reaching your goals in no time.

Consider these trending issues in your  digital marketing strategy for China:

  • WeChat: A Powerful Tool

WeChat is one of the favorite mobile marketing tools of Chinese companies, this instant messaging application is used by 76% of advertisers. WeChat had 902 million daily logged-in users in November 2017.

By getting into instant messaging advertising the digital marketers can capture a niche market by providing customised and high quality of content. You can also use WeChat for communicating with prospective customers. For example, you can provide a chat option to encourage customers to get in touch with concerns, feedback, and questions.  Chinese consumers will often not take a company seriously if they are not available to reach on Wechat.

Setting up a Wechat account can be complicated.  There are restrictions based on your industry, minimum spend for foreign companies, application process differences  and may even require you to set up an office and business license in China.

Do your homework before scheduling wechat in your campaign to avoid issues and it will be a powerful ally.

  • Video Marketing

China had the largest number of online video viewers in the world in June 2016. The micro-videos, that is named after the fact that they can be produced and posted quickly and the live-streaming videos have become extremely popular in China. By utilising the power of video marketing, will be a highly effective way to engage your target audience in 2018.

  • Local Chinese Websites

When trying to reach chinese consumers even a one page website to deliver essential information and direct traffic to your other points of contact (including Wechat) can be essential.  Remember that hosting on a .cn domain will require a foreign business license so for a quicker turnaround consider and hong kong domain.

  • Mobile Optimisation

Almost 96.3% of Chinese people had used a mobile device to access the internet at the end of 2017. This number had increased from 95.1%, which was the total at the end of 2016. It is proven that mobile usage is continually expanding in China. Utilising its popularity should be an important element of any digital marketing strategy. To improve conversion and user engagement you have to ensure that your website is user-friendly on all the platforms including tablet, desktop, and mobile. The sole reason behind this is that if your customer will visit a clunky mobile site on their smartphone then there are chances that they will just turn to your competitor.

These are the hottest topics when it comes to digital marketing in China.

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