Service Terms and Conditions Summary

Terms and Conditions
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Clause / TermWhat this means
Services and Deliverables (clause 2(c))We provide our services within business hours only, and may engage subcontractors to help us provide our services.
Materials (clause 2(e))You agree that we need complete, constructive and timely information, instructions, project budgets, contact details, materials, images, videos, metadata, feedback, passwords, logins, approvals, systems and account access so we can complete our work.
We are not liable to you if you do not provide us with this material.
Administration Fee (clause 3(b))We may charge an administration fee in addition to our quoted fees to work with certain suppliers that you nominate.
Out of scope costs (clause 3(c))We can charge you for out of scope work, and will try our best to notify you and get approval over additional fees for more than 5 hours additional work.
Up Front Payment (clause 3(f))We can request an up front payment from you for certain types of work. Up front payments are not refundable unless we agree otherwise.
Retained Services (clause 4)Fees for retained services are charged monthly in advance.
We require 30 days notice before you cancel our retained services.
You agree we can distribute unused funds for monthly retained services to provide other Hydra Digital services.
Intellectual Property (clause 5)We retain ownership of all intellectual property in draft materials (for example, concepts, strategy, pitch material) and once we receive payment in full, will assign intellectual property ownership to you in final deliverables only.
User Acceptance Testing (clause 7)We will carry out user acceptance testing in some circumstances.
If we do, you must provide us with notice or rejection of a project within 5 business days after we complete user acceptance testing.

Third Party Services and Accounts (clause 8)We will engage with and may open accounts with third party services (for example, Google and Facebook) on your behalf.
We may restrict your access to those accounts so we can provide you with our services.
If our agreement ends, we don’t have to grant you with access or transfer you these accounts and may delete them. If we agree to grant access or transfer you these accounts after the agreement ends, you will have to pay additional fees.
SEO Services (clause 9)You acknowledge that we don’t have any control over search engines, search and ranking algorithms and policies, the rank or position of your website and that there are factors beyond our control which affect performance of SEO Services.
Advertising and Suspension of Campaigns (clause 10)We work try our best to ensure that advertising performs.
Despite this, you acknowledge that our advertising does not come with any guarantees.
If you want to suspend a campaign, you need to provide us with notice in writing. We can require you to both our fees and any third party provider’s fees during a period of suspension.