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Software Trio Fill the Gap for NDIS Budget, Quoting Support

Software Trio Fill the Gap for NDIS Budget, Quoting Support

In the realm of disability support services, technology has the potential to create significant positive changes, particularly around NDIS budgeting and financial management. Luke De Bomford, an NDIS support coordinator, recognized this opportunity and founded Shakeout—a platform aimed at utilising technology to enhance financial literacy and streamline processes within the NDIS. In a recent conversation with Hydra Digital Founder, Matthew Cage, Luke shared insights into his journey and the projects he is currently working on. Let’s dive into the world of Shakeout and its impact on the NDIS community

About Luke De Bomford, Founder of Shakeout

Luke De Bomford
Luke De Bomford

Luke De Bomford has been an NDIS support coordinator for nearly a decade. In response to the complex and often chaotic processes he encounters daily around NDIS budgeting and management of funds, he developed a trio of software packages to simplify budgeting. He recently launched the first of the three software packages, The Funding Kit, to the NDIS market, and has two more software packages in development. 

Hydra Digital Director, Matthew Cage, spoke to Luke about his goals, motivation, and what his company, Shakeout, can offer the NDIS sector.

MC: Can you tell us more about Shakeout and how it came to be?

LDB:  Shakeout was born out of my desire to make a meaningful impact in the NDIS space by leveraging technology and promoting financial literacy. As a support coordinator, I realised the importance of empowering individuals with disabilities to understand and effectively manage their NDIS funding. So, I developed a program that allowed participants to track and project their funding, providing them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about accessing services and utilizing their funds efficiently. This initial success propelled me to identify other gaps within the NDIS and develop additional programs to address those needs.

MC: That’s impressive, Luke. It’s inspiring to see how you identified the gaps and proactively found solutions. Could you elaborate on the specific projects you are currently working on?

LBD: Within Shakeout, I have a range of projects catering to different stakeholders. Firstly, there’s a program designed for coordinators, participants, and families who seek better NDIS budget assistance and management of their funding. It helps them navigate the financial aspects of the NDIS, enabling them to make informed choices.

The second project focuses on supporting service providers within the NDIS. These providers often spend a significant amount of time creating quotes and coordinating with participants and coordinators. To streamline this process, I developed a program that automates quote generation while factoring in various variables such as public holidays and support worker availability. This significantly reduces the time required for quote generation, allowing providers to focus on delivering quality services.

The third project, Support Independent Living, caters specifically to SIL providers offering 24/7 care to people with disabilities. This program helps providers project and forecast their revenue, overheads, and profits for the properties they manage. By facilitating comprehensive financial management, it enables these providers to offer uninterrupted support to their clients.

MC:  It’s evident that your projects cover a wide range of needs within the NDIS ecosystem. Who would benefit most from the software you’ve developed?

LDB: The beneficiaries of Shakeout’s software solutions vary based on the specific project. The program is aimed at coordinators, participants, and families, and it offers invaluable tools to manage and optimise their funding. It empowers them with financial literacy and the ability to make informed decisions about services and funding allocation.

The project for support service providers significantly eases the administrative burden associated with generating quotes. By automating the process and accounting for crucial factors, it saves them valuable time and resources, enabling them to focus on their core mission—supporting participants.

Lastly, the Support Independent Living project provides crucial forecasting and revenue management capabilities to sales providers. This allows them to make strategic decisions and ensure the smooth functioning of their 24/7 care services.

Q: Your work is truly commendable, Luke. By combining technology and your expertise, you’re making a positive impact in the NDIS space. What motivates you to continue innovating and improving the lives of individuals with disabilities?

A: My motivation stems from witnessing the transformative effect technology can have on people’s lives. I firmly believe that everyone deserves equal access to opportunities and resources. 

By combining technology with my passion for empowering individuals with disabilities, I can contribute to bridging the gaps and making a tangible difference. Seeing the positive outcomes and the increased independence and well-being of those I have the privilege to support is what keeps me going. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness firsthand how the tools and systems I develop can simplify processes, enhance financial literacy, and ultimately improve the lives of people within the NDIS community.

MC: That’s truly inspiring, Luke. Making a positive impact through innovation is invaluable. Can you share any success stories or feedback you’ve received from those who have utilised Shakeout’s software?

A: Absolutely! I’ve had the pleasure of receiving feedback from participants, coordinators, and support service providers who have utilised Shakeout’s software. Participants have expressed how the funding tracking and projection tools have given them a clearer understanding of their available resources and enabled them to make choices aligned with their goals and aspirations.

Coordinators have shared their appreciation for the streamlined quote generation process, which has freed up their time and allowed them to focus on providing more personalized support to participants. The automation and accuracy of the system have been a game-changer for many support service providers, saving them hours of work and ensuring efficient and reliable service delivery.

These success stories and positive feedback serve as fuel for my passion to continue innovating and expanding Shakeout’s offerings, ensuring that technology continues to serve as a catalyst for positive change within the NDIS.

MC:  It’s wonderful to hear about the positive impact Shakeout’s software has had on individuals and organizations within the NDIS. Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations for Shakeout?

LBD: Looking to the future, I aim to continue refining and expanding Shakeout’s software offerings to meet the evolving needs within the NDIS space. I am constantly exploring ways to enhance financial literacy and provide even more comprehensive tools for managing NDIS funding. I strive to foster collaboration and partnerships with stakeholders to ensure Shakeout remains at the forefront of innovation. Through this, Shakeout is well-positioned to continue making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a positive ripple effect by empowering individuals, coordinators, and service providers to thrive within the NDIS ecosystem. By leveraging technology, knowledge, and compassion, I hope to contribute to a more inclusive and supportive society for all.

For more information about Shakeout and its innovative new software, The Funding Kit,  please visit

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