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7 Reasons B2B Business Should Consider Digital Marketing in 2023

7 Reasons B2B Business Should Consider Digital Marketing in 2023


Many manufacturing and industrial B2B companies have been slow to embrace B2B digital marketing. But traditional methods for sales, while still effective are limiting the number of opportunities and speed at which companies can scale.  Additionally, since COVID, the business world has normalised remote working and online communication and people who traditionally were not easy to reach online are now turing to the social media and other online services everyday for business communication.

This shift has supercharged the ability of digital marketing to reach very niche markets and individuals and presents a unique opportunity for industrial and B2B businesses to lead the charge in acquiring new customers in this changed landscape.

We have been applying the most effective strategies we use in highly competitive online markets in e-commerce and B2B and adapted them for B2B and industrial markets with incredible results.

As a manufacturer, you have the unique opportunity to reach a global audience, increase sales, and expand your business with the help of digital marketing.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of digital marketing for manufacturers, the benefits, and the strategies you need to maximise your success. 

Let’s get started.

7 Top Reasons you Shoud be Using Digital Marketing More in your B2B Business

1: Slower adoption providing opportunity

With so many industrial and B2B businesses being slower to adopt digital B2B marketing tactics, there is still a large opportunity for players in this space to generate excellent results for their product or service.

2: Less competition in B2B sectors

Another benefit for B2B businesses is that the lack of competition in many spaces means that the cost of achieving your goals is often lower than it would be for a B2C company.  This means you can achieve more with less and focus on high value tactics to support your existing offline sales efforts or accelerate the sophistication of your digital marketing.

3: Opportunity to not just raise your profile, but take over a sector online

Unlike most business sectors, there are still opportunities in many areas of B2B to raise their digital presence and take over the space.  Because many B2B and industrial businesses are sop niche, it is possible and cost effective to own the space online as the market leader.

4: B2B Digital Platforms are maturing

As more B2B and industrial business goes online, digital channels and platforms like Linkedin represent a large opportunity for these businesses to drive profit.  More people are using these platforms than ever and they are happy and willing to engage with business related content.

5: The Pandemic accelerated adoption of online working

Before the pandemic, these sectors were less likely to want to interact online internally and with potential suppliers.  The world has changed and now meeting and transacting online has become the new norm for businesses and their representatives in these sectors.  You can take advantage of this by being the leader in your sector online.

6: Your target customers are well known and identify themselves online

Digital marketing allows you to target people online and at scale like no other channel.  B2B and industrial companies are in a unique position where your target customer are often niche and very well known with key partners and customers easy to identify.  Using digital marketing, you can reach these people at scale without relying on manual effort from sales team members.

Using digital marketing, your sales team can deal with more qualified leads instead of spending their time cold calling and manually reaching out to potential customers at lower volumes and quality than digital methods allow.

7: Reach people anywhere in the world

Traditional marketing methods limit your ability to approach and qualify partners and customers at scale no matter their location.  Since the pandemic, the barriers to working online have dropped and with the abilities of digital marketing you can reach people anywhere in the world with your message.  We find that if you have the right market fit, people are more willing to engage with your offer now than ever regardless of your physical location.


For manufacturers, digital marketing is an essential tool to reach potential customers, increase sales, and boost brand awareness. With digital marketing, you can target specific audiences, create engaging content, and measure the success of your campaigns.  

The opportunity to boost your brand awareness and profit is available, but as more companies recognise this, your time to take advantage will close.  Start owning your market online sooner rather than later.

In a future blog we will be discussing top B2B marketing strategies top companies are using to drive profit.  Follow us on Linkedin to get the latest B2B digital marketing advice.

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