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Why local knowledge Matters for Brisbane Digital Marketing

Why local knowledge Matters for Brisbane Digital Marketing

We’ve done a few blogs (here, here & here) on local Brisbane Digital Marketing (and its surrounds) before, but today we thought we’d cover off a few practical examples of how putting your knowledge of the local area into your online marketing efforts physically connects you to a broader web in terms of online presence. These days there are a range of both web & mobile apps, along with different websites that have a pinpoint focus on different parts of the online experience and location in-particular is one of the most opportunity-rich avenues for developers to create new and better experiences. Whether it’s something as simple as Urbanspoon and Google reviews, or something ab it more complicated like Uber Eats and Wotif, there are ways in which you can connect your website to all manner of external opportunities for further exposure and increased traffic. Here are a few key areas we think it would be handy for you to consider.

Knowledge of the local area

For starters, how old is your building? Is it an exciting new development or a historical site? Either way it probably has a story that connects it to other online properties. For a new development, it may have required some sort of lengthy approval process via the Brisbane City Council, or perhaps it was built by a reputable builder such as Scott Hutchison, who recently built the soon to be premier live music venue in Brisbane, Fortitude Music Hall alongside former Powderfinger Bassist John “JC” Collins.

See what we did there?

If it’s a historical site then it might have the sort of significance that would allow you to submit the business to a list such as this you might want to make sure it’s documented by the Royal Historical Society of QLD or have a news outlet celebrate its birthday when it reaches important milestones like the Story Bridge does.

There are a huge range of ways you can connect the story of your physical building to other entities in Brisbane and show search engines, social media platforms and your customers that you’re the real deal.


Is your business close to public transport in Brisbane? Is there parking near you? Would people catch a bus, train or Citycat to reach you? Transport is an important factor for many customers when it comes to deciding where and when to do business with you, so it should be a carefully considered part of any Brisbane Digital Marketing effort. Whether it’s simply providing a Google map on your site to help them find you, directions to the nearest bus stop or accommodation or listings in local directories and good location-based SEO, you should be thinking about this from the second you start building a website and for the entire future of the business. The more problems you solve for the customer on your own website (and offsite in some of these examples), the further you increase the chances that they’ll do business with you.


If your business is retail, then you could basically just look at this advice in reverse. But the basic concept here is there will be businesses around you who don’t do what you do but are connected to you or helpful to your customers in some way. Perhaps you’re a local hotel who could benefit from directing people to the restaurants or activities nearby. Others might be the local restaurant who can direct their customers where to find the beautiful fresh produce they enjoyed eating so much that night.

In an online sense, these websites would be a natural fit to start linking to each other, which would contribute to your rankings. Your entire local business community could and should find a way to help each other out in this way. If you’ve got a free and genuine source of links to your website and can offer value in return then take advantage of it! Reciprocal links (where link to their site and vice versa) have a bit of a bad rap but so long as you’re not overdoing it they do have a positive effect and a valid place in your link profile.


Lastly, if you can’t speak the local language, then you may get lost in a sea of digital marketing. For many businesses, a new reality that didn’t exist 20 years ago (or even 10 years ago to anywhere near the extent that it does now) is competitors who aren’t based in the local area (or in some cases even in the same country) competing to get your customers to just buy a product or service online instead of getting it from direct. The way around this is to build a rapport with the locals with the way you present.

As an example, this writer received a card in the mail the other day informing of an app that had been built by and for the local community to exchange services where possible. It was a fantastic idea and as I looked into I realised that we weren’t the first few blocks to think of it! It can be the same for websites, directories and especially social media. If you have a good knowledge of the local area then you should be able to get a leg up on the impostors with those in the know. Tell your local story, tell others’ local stories, get involved in the community. Know where they are online and have a presence there too. Get amongst it!

Anyway, that’s it from us for another week. If you have any further questions around Brisbane Digital Marketing or would like us to elaborate or help you explore your options then please feel free to get in touch. You can also leave a comment below if you think there’s anything we’ve missed!

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