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Squarespace SEO Tips – Updated Tools

Squarespace SEO Tips – Updated Tools


If you’re a part of Squarespace’s email marketing community then you will have recently received an email stating that they’ve updated their SEO Tools with a few new features.

If you’re unfamiliar with Squarespace SEO Tips then you can view their online advice bank here to view a whole range of advice including the new updates, but to sum it all up, you can now have more control over things like Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and other valuable metadata options. You can also see what your site will look like in search results with those options filled out, which is a handy option rather than having to utilise tools outside the platform.

Although for those who would prefer an impartial third party’s projections of what their search results will look like, we still highly recommend SEO Mofo. Lastly, Squarespace also seems to be better integrating with Google Search Console, although they’ve been lighter on the detail there, so we expect more details to come.

If you’d like to specifically take a look at the new features above, then simply go to page settings for each page while logged into your CMS to see what the fuss is about and edit your data.

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