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How to reach local customers in Brisbane via online marketing

How to reach local customers in Brisbane via online marketing

When we were thinking about what to cover for this blog, we have to admit that we were a little bit stumped. Previously we’ve covered quite a few local marketing topics from geo-targeting & external linking opportunities through to tagging local businesses/places and people, so we weren’t sure where to go next. But we plan our blogs out very methodically and with a strong sense of purpose, so it was up to us to find topics that we’ve either not covered, or have new details on.

The results were surprisingly fantastic and an exercise in why you should always try to push yourself into ways of thinking that you’ve not explored before when it comes to your marketing because once we figured out a few topics it became obvious that we still had a lot to talk about but had never said out loud with regards to our strategy when it comes to reaching people in Brisbane through online marketing. So without further ado, here are a few things that it did not immediately occur to us to talk about, but that we think are absolutely important parts of the process.

Keyword Targeting

Yes, we’ll likely cover some stuff you’ve heard before here (possibly even from us), but as always we’d like to try to offer a unique perspective or a niche little bit of information that you might not have considered before. So let’s get to it.

Location Based Keywords:

We’re sure you all know what this means, so to try to offer a bit of a unique slant on the conversation, have you ever considered trying to figure out whether keywords like “Brisbane online marketing” and “online marketing Brisbane” are considered separate by search engines? While amazing advances have definitely been made in the way of search engines being able to understand natural human language, it’s still a common thing to find that they have in fact made these differentiations for what we have to assume is a good reason and are showing different results and amounts of search traffic between the two. Simply Google a few examples yourself to find out what we mean and perhaps consider this when thinking about your keyword approach to SEO & Google Ads?

Question-Based Keywords:

Believe it or not, “How to create an online marketing plan” is a keyword that has a good amount of search volume. While it might not have a location baked into it, the point is that in the age of voice search and the introduction of products such as Alexa and Google Home in particular, the nature of keywords has started to change rapidly and this is no different for location based keywords. Where users might once have typed “best Brisbane restaurants”, they could now be asking Google “Where are the best french restaurants in Brisbane?”. If you’re running Google Ads then you’ll have the keyword planner tool to help you know what to target in this sense, but we’d also recommend looking at Google Trends or this list of great search volume tools.

Local Knowledge Keywords:

Obviously you need to check anything that you’re planning on targeting for SEO or Google Ads for search volume, otherwise there’s no point, but something there isn’t a lot of talk about is keywords with search volume based around knowledge of the local area. Things like “good burritos near me” or “Brisbane powerhouse history” are prime examples with the first being something obvious that a local mexican restaurant would want to target and the latter something that Brisbane historians and the Brisbane Powerhouse themselves would want to target. Which brings us to the next section.

Locally Relevant Content

Pictures: Picture this. You’re a local resident and you see a photo of something that looks cool but you can’t identify with a restaurant trying to tell you about how they’re cool and you should come try the food… or, imagine you’re a local resident and you see a photo of a local landmark that only they could know from a local restaurant that is trying to encourage you to come and eat their food. Which would you choose? Same goes for personalities (people), events, weather, language and much more. So take advantage!


You can easily incorporate everything we just described with regards to photos into your videos, but there’s an element to video that doesn’t exist with still images and that’s the ability to tell a story. Where in the neighbourhood are you? Who in the neighbourhood do you know? What do you contribute to the neighbourhood? What’s going on in the neighbourhood near you? All of these things will endear you to the local population and bring in reliable (and often repeat) business. Do not neglect your place in the local community.


At this point this part probably explains itself, but just to make sure; if you’re a part of the local community, you should be writing about the experiences that entails. Showing yourself to be a valuable and genuine part of the community is a no-brainer when it comes to finding repeat/loyal customers. Also if you circle back to the keyword targeting part of this blog, you’ll find a bit of guidance there with regards to what to target.

And that’s it from us for another week! As always, if you’d like to know more or explore your options around Brisbane Online Marketing then please feel free to get in touch! Alternatively, you can leave us a comment below if you’d like to start a conversation.

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