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Parts Of The LinkedIn News Feed Algorithm Go Public!

Parts Of The LinkedIn News Feed Algorithm Go Public!

You’ll have to forgive us if we’re a little bit excited. It’s not often that any social media platform, search engine, or other advertising channel decides to be as open about their algorithms as LinkedIn just decided to be. Sure, they’ll occasionally share a tidbit here and there and it’s not like we don’t understand their concerns about fair competition when it comes to why they don’t share, but we think that there’s still a good middle ground that LinkedIn may have achieved. One where businesses and users aren’t completely left in the dark but enough secrecy is maintained that no-one can outright manipulate the algorithm to gain an unfair advantage. But enough of us nerding out, let’s get into the information that they’re sharing.

Niche topics of conversation on LinkedIn have always struggled. This is because the algorithm tended to favour volume of content on any given topic. But for topics which would never have the kind of volume as others (let’s say “marketing” versus “social media marketing”), this didn’t exactly give a fair amount of exposure to each even though they’re both arguably as important as each other and deserve similar amounts of exposure. Enter the most recent Linkedin News Feed Algorithm update, which is giving more weight to niche conversation topics to level the playing field a bit more.

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