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INDUSTRY NEWS: Structured data updates for Google Webmasters

INDUSTRY NEWS: Structured data updates for Google Webmasters

Contrary to popular belief, Google does occasionally offer users a few tidbits to help them run their businesses better online. Case in point is the webmaster’s blog, which is offering a bit of advice to those who have been wondering how to stick to “best practice” guidelines in 2019. This is worth noting if you’re engaged in online marketing because although they might not have “official” guidelines on anything to do with ranking, it’s a pretty safe bet to make that following what’s laid out in their official blog is probably the best way to go and the closest to what they’d prefer in a site they’d deem worthy of front page rankings.

At the moment they’ve been offering a running commentary on structured data and how best to keep track of it and with this additional blog they’re offering advice on how best to utilise “FAQ’s” & “How-To’s” for your site with regards to having those things show up in your search results to grab attention. Well worth a look as once you have a nice attractive listing that stands above the others surrounding it, you get caught up in a nice little circular effect whereby better structured data increases rankings and then the increased CTR (Click Through Rate) that this results in increases results even further thanks to Google’s sorting AI (they’ve had an artificial intelligence sorting sites on the front page for quite some time now based on a variety of factors).


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