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Happy New Year from our Web Marketing Team!

Happy New Year from our Web Marketing Team!

Hydra Digital look after a lot of different digital marketing services (hence the name), but here in the Web Marketing team we get to write the blogs and have the pleasure of wishing you a Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a fantastic year and that your businesses thrived in 2018. It’s certainly been a big year for us! Our biggest yet, but 2019 looks set to leave it in the dust. We’ve worked with clients from all over the country in a huge range of different fields and we’ve hit the ground running in 2019! So with that in mind, we thought we’d cover off a few of our favourite moments from this year. We can’t name client names for obvious reasons but we’re proud of the work we’ve done and hope it might inspire you to break new ground next year.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in property marketing:

We’ve done a few blogs on property marketing this year. 5 to be precise, so we won’t get too far into the industry, but our work in this field with regards to SEO is something we’re very proud of. Long considered one of the more difficult areas of SEO to tackle, we managed to crack that market and achieve notable successes with regards to organic rankings for our clients and surprisingly even for ourselves! This is for a website that isn’t even about property marketing so it was lacking in a lot of the relevant content our clients had and yet we managed to achieve it anyway.

We managed it via a combination of content marketing, information architecture restructuring (for our clients), social media marketing and a few other proprietary things that we won’t share here but can confidently say are unique to us and our web marketing methodology.

Augmented Reality

As we went into a bit in our blog on this topic, this year our founder Matthew helped to develop an application for phones and tablets that allows you to literally see the property with a range of different houses on it and then walk inside and around them. Some real sci-fi stuff right? We were very excited when it worked and you were able to see what the view from your kitchen window onto the property might look like and what sort of furniture might suit. We firmly believe this to be one of the biggest things to come in marketing and sales and we’re happy to be (and work with) early adopters in this field.

Content Marketing

This year we really knuckled down on our content marketing services. We wanted to be able to offer something that really stood out, particularly with regards to the level of engagement it could bring in and the level of SEO benefit that could be seen by blogging at least once a week. With regards to the latter, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our methodology was having a significant effect on websites that hadn’t even had their onsite optimisation done yet!

We dug a little deeper and it resulted in us being able to document and solidify an interconnected and multi-level keyword strategy across long term content planning that made for fantastic content and topical ideas while having a stronger than expected effect on rankings. Best of all, it’s not that hard to do and we were able to take it to market as a relatively inexpensive service!

Marketing in China

Something we focused a lot on this year was being able to offer a strong service that allowed clients to break into the Chinese market. With a strong focus on multilingual advertising campaigns, WeChat, public relations, influencer marketing and great content we managed to take this to market and are currently engaged in multiple successful campaigns. We do love property marketing so that was a natural first fit, but we’re working right now on taking new products and services to the world’s second-largest economy for our clients.

Multi-Lingual Local Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns

While marketing in China has given us the experience and insights in running dynamic multi-lingual campaigns we haven’t ignored the potential of our non-English speaking customers in Australia. This largely untapped market is often ignored by businesses in Australia and it is an important and lucrative tactic to consider. This is why we have launched and perfected the governance of multilingual campaigns for local markets to give our customers options and confidence in dominating the non-English speaking market in Australia. Our strong experience in property marketing has been delivering results using these tactics and we’re excited to offer this service to all of our customers now in 2019.

Agency to Agency services

Something we really pride ourselves on is the fact that other web marketing agencies come to us for consultation and implementation. It speaks to the quality of our work and the results that we’re able to deliver and it was a hard-won reputation given the size of our industry. We don’t view other agencies as competition and we don’t believe that clients should be limited to only the people within a particular agency if there are better options out there for certain parts of the work, so it was a natural process for us to begin reaching out and promoting the idea that we can all benefit from working together.

Thankfully this was a message that resounded well with enough people that it picked up some steam this year and looks set to continue to grow in the next!

But enough about us

Really we’re nothing without you. We’ve worked with so many great people this past year and we just want to send out a heartfelt thanks to all of our fantastic clients for trusting us to look after them and coming with us on the wild ride that was 2018!

As per usual if you’d like to know anything more about the above or to have a conversation around your options for web marketing in Brisbane and beyond then please feel free to get in touch!

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