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Google to unite app and website analytics data at last!

Google to unite app and website analytics data at last!

For any savvy marketer or follower of all things internet tech, the idea of being able to seamlessly track users from app to website and back again is something we’ve dreamed of for quite some time already.

But Google being Google, they weren’t going to launch anything enabling this until they felt that the technology was ready. But much to the online marketing community’s rapturous applause they have decided that the time is now! 

But those possibly scratching their heads, let’s explain a bit. Basically, until now you have only been able to view Google Analytics (information regarding the behaviour of your customers online) separately between an app and website data. While both platforms offer great data, the inability to view everything together (meaning jumping back and forth between different analytics reports) has been annoying at best and a hindrance to efficient and agile review at worst, which in turn affects your decision making with regards to the internet marketing.

Many businesses in 2019 have both apps and websites and the customer journey can often require them to jump back and forth between the two via links and through necessity of function, so being able to view that journey in its entirety will paint a much clearer picture of how their customers behave and what the app to website and vice versa journey is like for those customers.

So Google has finally addressed this issue with their new way to unify app and website data! We’ll let them explain themselves in more detail though.

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