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Google Reviews Disappearing

Google Reviews Disappearing

Google Reviews appear to be taking a hit due to a raft of new Google My Business features that have recently been rolled out! In particular, among features such as “local favourite” badges for small local businesses, the ability to add a logo, more choice around cover photos, photo carousels for your profile posts, welcome offers for brand new customers, promotional assets and (key to this conversation) “short names”, which to put very simply is like the “@examplebusiness” name you set for yourself on Twitter or Instagram.

The problem with that last example however is that some of those who utilise the function are finding that their customer reviews disappear when they do! This is obviously a huge issue for any business who has spent their valuable time attaining such valuable references from their own happy customers and not something that any self respecting business would want to lose! So the best advice we can give right now? Hold off! Let’s all keep an eye on the situation and see how it plays out. Google claims that they’re “working on it”, so best to wait until a fix is offered before you go utilising that feature.

Also in case you’re wondering, none of the other new features appear to cause the issue. So utilise away!

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