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Google Recovers From its Indexing Issues

Google Recovers From its Indexing Issues

As many of you will probably be aware (even if just it’s just a vague notion you’ve had, as has been the case with many), Google has been having issues with its search index over the past few months. This ranged from having actually lost part of its list of indexed sites altogether, through to not indexing sites correctly in the first place.

This problem then actually had a roll-on effect that caused other issues such as inconsistencies in Google Search Console data, errors in the Google News algorithm in relation to showing the freshest content, and a few other very weird redirect issues, which as we understand it was redirecting activity happening where it wasn’t supposed to.

Needless to say, this is one of the bigger technical issues the search giant has had in quite some time, but to their credit they’re fully owning up to it and explaining everything in detail while also explaining what they’ve learnt from the experience and what they will be doing to minimise the chances that this will ever happen again.

You can read all about it in much more detail via the official Google Webmasters Blog.

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