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Google My Business – Local Knowledge Panels Update

Google My Business – Local Knowledge Panels Update

Great news! Google My Business has added a “Get a quote” button functionality! It seems to be part of a broader call to action strategy being applied to its business listings as it finally starts to nail the social aspects of its search engine down in meaningful ways after the many false starts following its failed “Google+” social media platform.

While they initially (and erroneously) thought that they simply needed to create a social media platform that collected and fed data into their search engine much as Facebook was planning to do (back when Google still saw them as a threat). They finally seem to have masted the “micro-social” aspects of search in a way that will make them hard to beat by any standards when it comes to similar potential threats.

Having well and truly overthought the matter in times gone by, they now realise that they just needed to add a few real human functionalities to their search results to cement themselves and shore up from any threat that social search may have once posed.

You can find more about this functionality along with much more over at Search Engine Land.

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