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INDUSTRY NEWS: The Google Core Algorithm Update is Complete!

INDUSTRY NEWS: The Google Core Algorithm Update is Complete!

As some of you maybe have been aware (and for those who aren’t), a Google core algorithm update has been rolling out recently it has been in no way small. The gargantuan undertaking has already had some pretty huge effects on websites and while they’ve remained predictably tight-lipped about exactly what this update changed with regards to the world’s biggest search engine (a policy many disagree with even if they agree that not everything about how the search engine works can be divulged), it appears to be razor sharp with regards to targeting low quality websites given that many great websites (including ours!) have since seen improvement in rankings.

It’s also important to note however that they rolled out another update right smack bang in the middle of this same period (the reason for which escapes us, but there must be one). They’re naming this one the “diversity update”. Long story short, they’re restricting too many results from the same domain showing up in first page rankings in order to show a wider variety of results to queries. As with every update, this will have its pros and cons, but regardless of the outcome, we’re very interested to see how this one pans out!

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