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Evergreen Googlebot is now being rolled out across more tools

Evergreen Googlebot is now being rolled out across more tools

If you’re a big user of Google Search Console then we’ve got some great news for you! You have likely noticed over time that Google’s crawls don’t quite see pages the same way that you do. The technicalities of this are hard to explain, but the most basic way of putting it that most could understand is that Googlebot saw websites and search results the way that would have seen them a couple of years back. It was a bit behind in terms of achieving Google’s mission statement to “naturally understand” human language and behaviour.

This is about to change however with the new “Evergreen Googlebot”. This new version is better able to understand the internet and websites the way that you do, which should in a broad sense improve the accuracy and usability of the information you receive in Google Search Console. For more on the evergreen bot itself you can click here, or for more information on the general gist of what this will mean for the information you can utilise via search console then this article is what you’re looking for.

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