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Do SEO Services Work?

Do SEO Services Work?


Do SEO Services work? Yes. Of course. And of course, we’d say that. But we understand that a lot of people have questions. In particular, you may have come across the sorts of grandiose statements around SEO being “dead” as outlined in our last blog, or you may just wonder what with the ever-advancing progress of technology if the world might have moved on from search engine optimisation. You may even just not have had much exposure to it before and need to know what the benefits are and how/if it works. Whatever your reason for asking the question, here are a few points to help you understand why the answer is yes.

Nothing better exists

Search engines are not going anywhere any time soon. At worst they will likely transform quite a bit in the coming years, offering features and search fields previously undreamed of, but in the general sense, there is no foreseeable reason that Search Engines would be surpassed by anything other than an extremely good social platform that manages to seamlessly and helpfully integrate a search functionality into its interface (as we covered in our last blog, which we’d again recommend that you read first for context here).

It has thrived with improved tracking

If we’re being honest, then we have to admit that there was a time when it was very hard to track anything truly meaningful with regards to SEO results. Back then the answer to “Do SEO Services Work?” would have been… we have very good reason to believe so, rather than yes absolutely and allow us to show you why. These days you can track things previously unimaginable at a level previously undreamed of. From how it interacts with your other forms of marketing, through to where conversions happen, why conversions happen, what needs to change to increase conversions and exactly which keywords to focus on and ignore. There is a lot more to it than this, but that’s a blog for another time. Suffice to say that these days the practice is able to be a lot more accountable than it ever was, which means that you have to be very good at what you do, which in turn speaks to the fact that these services to actually work.

It is still the heavy hitter

Social Media advertising is great. PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising on Search Engines and other platforms is fantastic and offers options that organic search engine marketing can’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that organic (non-paid) search engine traffic is still the dominant force in terms of volume. While you might not be able to do things like geo-targeting quite as accurately as you can on paid platforms, you still can. And if you manage to rank for these and other essential keywords, the levels of traffic you can bring in are frankly of landslide proportions if done right. While some (meaning PPC advocates) may argue (and not necessarily be wrong) that this is an unfair comparison to make in 2019 given how different the two channels are nowadays, you can’t deny that SEO is the heavy artillery of digital marketing.

It (and let’s be honest, we mean Google) has outlived multiple threats.

This is covered in vastly more detail in our last blog, which we’d again recommend you read, but to sum it all up, there have been credible threats come and go over the years and none of them have prevailed. Initially when social media really took off it was seen as a serious threat given the obvious potential search functionality within those platforms as opposed to the more straightforward and less accurate or personal results search engines offered at the time. Then there were many failed attempts made by various companies at competing search engines, attempts by governing bodies such as the European Union to force Google to make its algorithms public, the fact that its results are so accurate and honest and without bias that authoritarian regimes such as China won’t allow it in their country and just the fact that it is so firmly cemented in our lives and the modern lexicon that uprooting it would take some serious doing via a scenario that we cannot imagine now matter how hard we try despite the fact that we’re experts in the field.

Transformation suits search engines

It’s important to recognise in this age of technological revolution (or our fourth industrial revolution depending on who you ask) that Search Engines are an intrinsic part of that revolution rather than a pre-existing situation that is now being affected by the rapid transformation that technology is now bringing. What this means is that search engines roll with the punches and are more often than not enhanced by technological evolution rather than hindered or superseded by it. You only need to look to Google Maps, My Business, star ratings, directions, etc to see that as technology gets better, search engines incorporate and adapt. Long story short, this means that search engine optimisation isn’t going anywhere.

So, Do SEO Services work? Again, absolutely. But if you’d like to hear more about why or how much is SEO worth or what we could do for you then please feel free to get in touch to explore options for SEO in Brisbane or leave us a comment below!

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