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Brisbane Online Marketing – How can we help?

Brisbane Online Marketing – How can we help?

We’ve written a lot over the past few months in our blog offering advice on various areas of digital marketing, but we’ve yet to talk much about how we’re uniquely positioned to help you.

Brisbane based online marketing is an increasingly tough field and although we have a lot of advice to continue to offer via these blogs, there are obvious benefits to having a team of professionals looking after these efforts for you once you’re in a position to engage them and that’s where we really shine: providing a team of professionals. Hydra Digital was named to reflect the many heads of marketing (if you’re not sure of the reference it’s a great read), but it has also come to reflect the philosophy of the company. Case in point, this blog is not being written by a Hydra employee. My name is Kevin Lennon and I own a company called Proper Digital.

So why am I writing a blog for another agency?

Very simply put, we’re not really big on the idea of full-service agencies. Having worked for a lot of them over the years, we’ve seen first hand that it’s virtually impossible for one company to be good at everything. It was a conclusion that everyone who works for our collective all came to independently and in our efforts to seek out like-minded individuals and companies that would be open to working together rather than seeing each other as competition, we eventually found each other. My speciality, in particular, is SEO, content marketing and some aspects of social media marketing, but there’s no way that any website I put together for a client would be anywhere near as good as what Matthew (founder of Hydra) could achieve, especially when it comes down to activity and conversion tracking efforts. He is the best I’ve ever met at what he does by a long shot and he trusts me implicitly when it comes to anything to do with my areas of expertise.

But it’s not just the two of us. We’ve made it our mission over the past few years to reach out to other agencies and individuals who are known to be at the top of their respective fields in order to combine forces so that we can have an offering that isn’t just a team of the best people within a particular company to look after you, but a team of the best people full stop.

When it comes to Brisbane’s online marketing community, you’ll often find that you go from one agency to the next with each one pointing out flaws in the previous agency’s approach which is fine as a business model, but we don’t feel it to be necessarily honest to simply say “our agency has a superior approach” and tout that as proof that you’ll get the best possible people for all aspects of your project within only that one company. While we’ll certainly assign you a project manager to tie everything together and keep you from losing your mind contacting the many professionals who will be providing you services, those services will be provided by some of Brisbane’s best online marketing people regardless of where they work.

It’s our opinion (but also an increasingly obvious fact from the projects this approach has resulted in) that this is the way forward for our industry. We’re working at breaking down the walls between professionals and companies in service of the client and in the interests of doing fantastic and groundbreaking work that garners recognition as such. We want to do the best work. We want to move the industry forward. We want our clients to rave about their results and erase some of the misconceptions around the industry.

We’ve worked with everyone from local tradies through to multinational organisations across dozens of industries over quite a few years now and we’re not afraid of a challenge. Digital or not, we or another company within our collective will be able to source the right people for you as we help you to connect the dots into an overarching and seamless strategy while you look to the future of your business or other endeavours.

Brisbane is very fast growing as a city and businesses are coming along with it with it, so you’re definitely best positioned when looking to a team of experts in this increasingly large pool with increased competition and a stronger focus from businesses from elsewhere as the spotlight shifts towards us.

So whether it’s SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, web design, web development, app development, Google Ads, Public Relations, print, TV, Radio or virtually anything else you need to explore, feel free to get in touch today to see how we’re able to help you explore your options and plan the way forward.

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