Outsourced Digital marketing and White Labeled Services

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Improve your cash flow and profit by servicing your client’s digital marketing needs

We are a group of consultants that couldn’t find consistent digital marketing management that we could recommend to our clients, so we started delivering it to our clients in-house.

  • Local staff and support for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast
  • Generous ongoing commissions
  • Flexible business to business arrangements available
  • Guaranteed quality
  • No administrative overhead
  • No minimum number of clients

Confidently Offer Your Clients Digital Marketing You Can Count On

Expand your services and profits in partnership with us

Let us treat your clients to service and advice you know you can rely on.


  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Landing Page Production
  • Online advertising analytics and statistics
  • Copywriting and Content Production
  • Social Media Site Management



In today’s marketing industry, established specialist and full service firms are faced with unprecedented business challenges chiefly as a result of the rapidly changing modern digital landscape. The digital skills and business infrastructure required to offer a quality digital marketing service in this extremely competitive industry is often not aligned with existing businesses capabilities.

When today’s customers seek simple answers and services in a very complex and specialised marketing industry, it can lead to misunderstandings, lower customer satisfaction and sometimes loss of business with existing profitable clients.

The fact is, much of the advice and guidance customers seek nowadays often stretches outside many businesses’ strengths and business model.Hydra Digital partners with marketing firms to deliver or contribute to their customers marketing strategy. Our locally hired and trained team of professionals work with our customised cutting edge systems to offer a seamless experience for you and your clients.

Our business model allows us to seamlessly partner with marketing professionals to deliver complex digital marketing tactics or campaigns, in an easy and efficient way that fits in with their business needs and the client’s expectations. This tried and tested approach has been shown to strengthen working relationships and enable traditional marketing agencies to focus on their core strengths.

Whether you are looking to add specialist digital marketing to your portfolio of services, supplement your digital capacity or seeking to refer clients to a quality provider we have the experience and systems in place to help you.


The customer and service offerings of our B2B partners are unique, which is why we tailor our systems and services to meet the unique needs of your business and customers including:

  • Tailored terms and conditions
  • Tailored product offerings and prices
  • Tailored payment terms
  • Custom reporting
  • Management fees and ad spends (including some minimums) that dictate the level of customisation and service that can be offered to customers.


Under all arrangements (direct referral, agency supply and white label service) we pay commissions and distribute earnings for the life of the contract with clients. We can help you improve your cash flow. The more active clients you have, the larger your regular trailing income will grow.

With no minimum on the number of clients required for you to qualify for our Industry Direct services you can start small and grow your digital customer base easily.


The high cost and complexity of administering or building systems to manage digital marketing accounts is a barrier to many businesses. We have spent the time and money building and perfecting digital marketing systems and strategies that can be incorporated into other businesses. Our state of the art systems include client services, product campaign delivery and payments automatically.

All of this information is instantly available online to account managers or clients.


We have observed businesses often becoming lost in the number of suppliers or complexity of coordinating multiple suppliers including digital marketing. In such a diverse and evolving industry this often leads to less profitability for individual suppliers or abandonment of good working relationships with clients for simpler and more integrated service offerings.

This experience is true of many businesses, challenged by their clients to deliver targeted customer facing campaigns. Whether you are a creative agency, IT development or infrastructure focused business, business consultants or other specialists it is an experience you have likely encountered.

The internet and mobile technology has changed the breadth and depth of what it takes to provide great customer experience and marketing. As it stands now, the impact of decisions made regarding underlying business infrastructure has never before been so visible to the customer and vulnerable to uncoordinated efforts either within a company or in conjunction with suppliers. The customer now sees it all.

Hydra Digital started offering quality services directly to design, IT, marketing agencies and business advisors to help them offer digital marketing services without diverting or diluting their core business skills and capabilities. This arrangement allows your customers to continue to seek services from you as a trusted provider and removes the burden of seeking and managing additional providers. Altogether building your authority and rapport with your customer further.