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We are a team of experienced digital consultants and specialists in their fields. We know succeeding with digital marketing and advertising takes experience, creativity and collaboration with you, the business.


Don’t waste your money without good strategy first


Our consultative approach makes us different.  We take the time to learn about your business, what has worked and what hasn’t before doing anything.  We work with our clients, their teams and other suppliers to deliver holistic and innovative campaigns with measurable results.

Stop wondering what you could achieve and start planning to succeed

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Our hand-picked team of experts are consultants first and foremost, we promise honest assessment and advice you can use.  No pushy sales speak or tactics.

12 Years Experience

12 years experience using advertising on major platforms has reinforced  the principals that we use to deliver great, fit for purpose advertising strategies.

  • No cookie cutter strategies
  • Invest in tracking and insights
  • Protect your data and learn from the investment
  • Embrace new features, technologies and channels without risking the foundations
  • Be ready to pivot and respond to the market in an instant

Because there are no cookie cutter approaches we have flexible pricing based on your needs and budget.

Technical Knowhow and Broad Experience

Our background in IT, Digital and Business Consulting means that when we need to address IT, systems or business process to get you the best results we can help you forge ahead and succeed where other digital marketers may shy away.


Lean on our depth of experience working in businesses of all sizes.  If you’re facing a digital short-fall or challenge, chances are we have helped our customers solve the problem before.  JUST ASK!

Our Services

Digital Marketing is where our consultative approach around assembling the best professionals in the industry really shines. There are no limitations around having you deal with the best people within the one company because we have industry spanning relationships with specialists from freelancers through to other marketing agencies and have the freedom to select from a pool of highly skilled individuals no matter where they come from. No one agency can be awesome at everything, but a team of carefully selected experts from across the spectrum under the right leadership can come out head and shoulders above a lot of the common pitfalls involved in trying to find a single agency offering Digital Marketing in Brisbane with all the right people.

This also allows us to help with products and services that few other agencies can offer! Have a look for yourself.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When it comes to SEO, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more unique and demonstrably effective approach than ours. Our lead SEO strategist has worked heading up SEO departments for some of the leading agencies over a number of years and we afford them the freedom to work however they deem necessary in as agile a manner as possible in order to deliver results and keep up with the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimisation. Add to this the fact that they are able to source support from across the industry and you have an SEO powerhouse at your disposal.


Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords)

Being one of the oldest elements of online marketing, it can be difficult to know where to start with such a history rich and vast platform. Luckily there is a way around this: Reporting. Rather than overload you with more information than you need (and although we will provide you with as much information as you like), we have a very strong focus on showing return on your investment when it comes to activity reporting. The whole campaign will revolve around this, with detailed focus on actual sales and the value that we’re providing you. Hydra Digital’s founder has always had this focus across all platforms and your Google Ads campaign will be no different.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is currently what we see the most confusion around from clients and with good reason. From the growing number of platforms, to the differences between marketing via pages/accounts and actual paid advertising, through to how to create engaging content on an ongoing basis, it’s not an easy task to tackle. Luckily we have a swathe of social media professionals who specialise in each of these areas while working together as a team under our umbrella and strategy. We’re also able to eliminate the fairly common disconnect between social media marketing and your broader marketing strategy given that it is all implemented with our oversight, which will always be connected in a cohesive manner to everything else.


Content Marketing

Digital Marketing isn’t all just data and algorithms. At the end of the day, you’re trying to communicate with real people, so creating the right content plays a huge part in that. Not only that, but content marketing connects with multiple other platforms like SEO, Social Media, Public Relations and Pay Per Click advertising such as Google and Bing advertising. This is yet another reason that our approach works because you get both the best in the business when it comes to content creation and an overarching strategy that keeps these connections in mind, allowing for consistency of tone and maximum efficiency when it comes to utilising that content.


Reporting & Analytics

Being one of the key building blocks upon which Hydra Digital was founded, Reporting and Analytics is something we care deeply about. Accountability is very important to us, but actionable data even moreso. You cannot have a successful marketing campaign if you are not examining your results often and in the most minute detail possible. There are so many important things to monitor in a multi-platform marketing campaign that go well beyond clicks and activity and we are more than confident that we excel well beyond most at this. Our reporting capabilities go from end to end and we will even work with you to follow your leads offline to see what can be done to further improve results and data for you. It matters to us that you know exactly what is happening, what’s working, what needs improvement and how much return you are seeing.


Public Relations

Our lead public relations strategist has worked with the biggest and the best over a number of years, which is exactly what you need when it comes to managing your company’s reputation. With strong contacts throughout the media industry, an extensive back catalogue of experience and an innate sense of strategy and teamwork, they are the perfect person to perfect your company’s tone of voice and take it to market, all while slotting into your overall marketing goals across various platforms and sourcing some of the innovative and savvy resources in the business.


Marketing In China

Want to market to one of the largest untapped economies and populations in the world? Of course you do. We’re personally very pleased that this is something we’re able to help with. We’ve been laying the groundwork and building the resources for years and are happy to report that we are helping clients win across the board! China is a very different marketplace when it comes to digital marketing due to the absence of platforms like Google and Facebook, but from WeChat through to AliBaba and much more we’ve built some solid strategy and relationships over the years and can definitely help you get started with breaking into the Chinese market.


Marketing Training

Don’t want to outsource all of your marketing? That’s completely fine with us. If you’re looking to upskill your employees internally so that you can gradually take over, we’re happy to help! Our team have trained some of the best in the business and will happily spend time with your staff to help them better understand the ins and outs of whichever elements of your marketing plan you need them to tackle.

Apple Search Ads

If you have an Apple app then this is how you succeed. Apple has a strong and loyal following who tend (aside from the occasional hiccup) to trust them implicitly. Since it was introduced in 2016, app developers have reported a 50% boost in conversions through the use of search ads. With results like that you can hardly argue for passing it over! It can be a little hard to find a professional who understands this increasingly popular platform, so we did the searching for you. We can help set you up, monitor ongoing campaigns, optimise existing campaigns and report to you regularly on how it’s all performing.


Bing Advertising

If you count Bing out when it comes to your digital marketing efforts then you might need to reconsider. They attract 1.23 BILLION visitors per month so although Google’s numbers are obviously much higher, it’s hardly an ineffective channel to get your brand out there. Plus (without meaning to sell it as the lesser option), less competition and lower costs per click should be pretty attractive to those with those looking to keep costs down. We’ve resourced people who have been doing Bing advertising pretty much since its inception so as rare as a Bing advertising specialist might be, we have them!