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Metaluxe’s Immersive Technologies Put Property Buyers in the Picture

Metaluxe’s Immersive Technologies Put Property Buyers in the Picture

Australian-based Metaluxe is set to shake up the mixture in Australia’s high-end property market, with immersive technologies that literally put buyers in the picture. We spoke to the founder, Kaz Emanouel, to learn about the unique combination of gaming, 3D technology, video production, fashion, art, and computer science, which is Metaluxe.

A Novel New Way of Viewing Property

Founded in April 2022, Metaluxe offers long-form visualisations of prestige apartments through walkthrough videos. It provides a comprehensive view of the entire apartment, showcasing every detail from the nooks and crannies to the balconies and pantry.

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Kaz Emanouel

Founder, Kaz Emanouel, a veteran marketer in the property sector, says that Metaluxe was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the Australian property market particularly hard. Despite the disruption, Emanouel saw opportunities in the prestige market, which remained strong.

“Metaluxe was born out of a couple of things, most importantly, the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the building industry dramatically,” Emanouel said. “We had previously been operating in the land and house package market but the building crisis effectively destroyed that. 

“So we’re sitting there thinking, okay, so we can’t market to clients in the house and land marketplace any longer. Who can we market to? The answer at that stage was resoundingly, the prestige apartment marketplace, which still had legs at that time.” 

Honing in on the Prestige Market

Seeded by an earlier customer relationship management tool that he developed for the house and land marketplace, Emanouel sought new opportunities in the prestige property market. What he identified was a gap for a more immersive and detailed experience for potential buyers of high-end properties. Thus was born Metaluxe. 

“We put together our package and we started going out to the marketplace. The most exciting part about Metaluxe for me, was when I reached out to speak to some of these marketers inside of the precision apartment marketplace. Through this exercise, we learned the hole in the market seemed to be the presentation of long form visualisations of off-the-plan prestige apartments.”

The Metaluxe Difference

While marketing technology within the Australian property market had adopted digital in its campaigns, the ability to offer buyers an experience was not possible with what was previously available. This is something that Kas and his team at Metaluxe set out to remedy.

“At the time, developers had very short videos, maybe 60 seconds and 90 seconds but  the thing that sounded really exciting was the idea that we could present a long form video, which in effect there’s a walkthrough of a whole apartment,” Emanouel said. “The client gets to experience every nook and cranny and not just snippets – the butler’s pantry, the laundry, the balconies, everything.” 

“It seemed to be a really great space to be in, so we went out the product in April 2022. We got our first order within a couple of weeks. As soon as we delivered that, we got a whole spring of orders and now we’re up to our eighth project on the Gold Coast.”

Digitising the Prestige Property Marketing

The digital space is rapidly evolving, and clients are increasingly expecting animated and immersive content when making high-value purchases. Traditional marketing approaches, such as physical models and short videos, may not suffice for luxury property sales. Metaluxe caters to property builders, developers and architects in the off-the-plan marketplace. It benefits developers who want to enhance their marketing efforts and provide a more engaging experience for potential buyers. 

According to Emanouel, property developers need to digitise or risk disappearing.

“One thing’s for sure. If you don’t have a technology roadmap, you don’t have a future,” he said. “That would spook a lot of developers. But change is not only necessary, it’s desirable.”

A Bright Future

Metaluxe has already secured several projects on the Gold Coast and plans to continue expanding its services in the prestige apartment market. The company aims to offer its accessible price point, making 3D visualisations more affordable for developers compared to traditional marketing packages.

Overall, Metaluxe aims to revolutionise the presentation of high-end properties by providing long-form walkthrough videos that offer a comprehensive and immersive experience for potential buyers. Kas Emanouel says that Metaluxe offers developers a glimpse of the future.

“If you consider the movement to online, the movement to digital, and even further with the Metaverse, we can see that digitisation is coming in different spaces. I think we’re going to spend even more time making decisions and having experiences online. And this is exactly where Metaluxe meets the market.”

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