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Google’s New Mobile First Index Update – Why we (might) not need to freak out… yet.

As with any update Google releases, their new “mobile first” index rollout has created a lot of chatter online from various stakeholders with angles ranging from “This isn’t a big deal” through to “THE END IS NIGH!”, making it a little difficult to wade through all the different viewpoints and ascertain where the truth lies. But unlike most updates, in this instance (sensationalism aside), they’re actually all correct to an extent.

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Internal Linking Guide & Online Marketing – Brisbane edition

Today we’re diving into advanced SEO land with internal contextual linking and links to how it can help online marketing efforts in Brisbane (given that we’re based here), but in a way that should readily translate to other cities and non-geo-specific terms. If you’re just getting started with SEO you should read our blog on…

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